Tips on How to Write Statements for NIW Application

The following aspects should be explained in detail and emphasized to make your statement convincing and persuasive:
• What will be the overall effect of the projects you are doing on the U.S. economy and government?
• What in your work will substantially benefit the U.S. in a significantly higher degree than that of others in your filed?
• How would your participation be critical to the completion of the program/activity?
• Do you hold a critical position in the field?
• How is your work considered to be that of an expert and above that ordinarily encountered in the field?
• How has your work been recognized as significant by peers, governmental entities, professional, or business organizations?
• What distinguished your work from others with the same training and background?
• What sets you apart from others in your field?
• What have you already accomplished in the field?
• Please explain how your publications are considered to be significant by others in your field?
• What recognitions (prizes, awards, patents, etc) have you received?
• Please explain how the recognitions set you apart from others in your field?
• How many people have received the same recognitions as you have?
• What were the criteria for receiving such recognitions?
• What consequences would occur if you were unable to continue your work?

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