What is a Petition Letter for Employment Based Immigration

A petition letter, which discusses the reference letters and other pieces of evidence, serves to tie the petition together by providing a thorough discussion of the alien’s work and why it meets the criteria for extraordinary ability. Using legal arguments, the petition letter addresses how the alien meets the criteria for the visa. An index of exhibits is included at the end of the petition letters, which the petition letter references for evidence.

A petition letter is generally around 25 -30 pages long double spaced. Its format includes an introduction of the alien’s achievements and qualifications, proof of extraordinary or exceptional ability, proof that the alien seeks to enter the U.S. to continue work in the area of ability, proof that the alien’s entry will substantially benefit the U.S., and a conclusion. Included in the proof of extraordinary/exceptional ability section is how the alien meets each of the necessary criteria. Also, the petition letter relies heavily on direct quotes from the reference letters as evidence, so it is important to have strong reference letters.