Visas for Treaty Traders & Investors

The E1 and E2 visas are applicable to immigrant treaty traders and investors respectively. These visas are considered contingent on an agreement to maintain trade and commercial agreement between the foreign country and the United States. The foreign country is termed as the “treaty partner”.   For the purposes of E1, trade refers to the international exchange of goods, services and technology. Goods and services refer to tangible and intangible products. Trade includes, but is by Read more […]

Visa Requirements for Exchange Visitors to the United States

Foreign nationals wishing to come as non-immigrants to theUnited Statesin a non-academic capacity need to secure a J category visa. Such persons are referred to as exchange visitors.   At the outset, and exchange visitor and his dependents may be admitted into the States for the period quoted on Form DS-2019, plus and additional 30 days or other defined period to allow for travel. A dependent (J-2) may not be admitted for a period exceeding that of the principal applicant (J-1). Persons Read more […]

O Visa for Alien of Extraordinary Ability in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business and Athletics

O-1 visas are granted to non nationals who have extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, athletics, business or education. The O-2 category is specified for artists and athletes, while O- covers O-1 and O-2 dependents. Freelancers are not eligible for O-visa.   Like the EB1-A visa, to qualify for O-1, experts in science, education and business is evidenced by national or international commendation of special talents or revolutionary contributions to the field of practice. The applicant Read more […]

L-1 Visa for Company Employees

The L-1 category visas are non-immigrant visas specific for employees of foreign companies. These companies have affiliations toUnited Statesorganisations. One characteristic of L-1 visa is that it is flexible in that the holder can have double intent, that is, the person can hold and L-1 visa while at the same time seek residency in theUnited States.   Compared to other categories of non-immigrant visas, L-1 may be desirable for several reasons. Because there is no annual limit imposed Read more […]