National Interest Waiver Testimonial 2013.10

user J. Jang
“Thank you! I had very good experience with your firm. I always could get right and informative answers quickly. My situation was tough, people around me were very skeptical; but you ultimately had my case approved. I will definitely recommend to my friends considering green card in the US.“
Oct 30, 2013, J. Jang was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user P. Polepally
Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Mississippi
“Thank you for everything for my NIW I-140. The all credit goes to you and you team. You and your team have responded greatly for my NIW tough RFE. Really I am grateful to you, and your team.”
Oct 29, 2013, P. Polepally was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user G. Neupane
Post-Doctoral Researcher at University of Idaho
“ Thank you for the notice. It is a very good news for me. My wife is particularly very happy with this that she will get a chance to see her parents in a short couple of months after several years! Thank you for your help to walk me through this process from the evaluation to the approval. Your help made this complicated process possible in short time. I am very glad that it went through as you told me from the beginning. Overall, it was a smooth ride for me with your help. Again, I like to thank you for your help. You made this difficult task easier and smoother for me.”
Oct 28, 2013, G. Neupane was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user J. Agola
Postdoctoral Fellow at University of New Mexico
“Thank you very much for all the legal help with this. I will sure be very glad to recommend your firm on the LinkedIn profile and even to my friends keen on filing I-140 petition. Much thanks again.”
Oct 19, 2013, J. Agola was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user J. Liu
Postdoctoral Associate in bio-medical imaging
“I have worked with Chen Immigration for my EB2-NIW application in 2013 and it was a great success, we was approved in only 45 days. I am impressed by the level of profession and passion of Chen Immigration. They took effort to understand my work with extensive depth and thus was able to provide a powerful petition letter with both precise description of my research and strong argument of my potential value as a US resident, which lead to our success. Throughout the collaboration, they are very patient with my schedule, and always responded in a timely manner. In addition, [Chen Immigration Law Associates] has been very helpful and patient to answer all my questions, which facilitated a lot of the work on my side. Overall, I am very thankful for their help on my case, and I would recommend Chen Immigration Associate with no to my friends and any potential personals.”
October 18, 2013, J. Liu was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user P.L. Chiu
Research Scientist at AZ Electronic Materials
“After doing some research, I still feel extremely fortunate that I decided to have [Chen Immigration Law Associates] to handle my case. They recommended me to go with the EB2-NIW path. I must say it was the right choice to make and it was with the greatest pressure working with them. They are absolutely knowledgeable and they do make the very best decision for each case, which make each case special and as strong as they could get. They answered my questions/concerns without any delay, prompt and straight to the right answer. With all the help from her team, I filed the petition on Sept 23, 2013, and they just notified me that the case has been approved. It’s been only 3 weeks!! This result is simply phenomenal. I, without any doubt, highly recommended [Chen Immigration Law Associates] to the people who are looking to apply for permanent residency in the US.”
October 18, 2013, P.L. Chiu was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user H. Tavassol
Research Fellow at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Thank you very much, this is a fantastic news. I really appreciate you being very helpful and responsive during this process.I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks again!”
Oct 17, 2013, H. Tavassol was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user W.C. Lee
Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Thank you for your notification….This is way faster than I expected! I have an overwhelmingly positive experience with your firm.”
Oct 17, 2013, W.C. Lee was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user K. Batmanghelich
Post-Doc in MIT, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
“I am very impressed with their service. On time, to the point, responsive and fair. My NIW case was approved less in about 2 weeks. I also like the fairness of the firm: they could have bundled I-140 and I-485 together but instead they give you an option. You don’t see this level of fairness everywhere.“
October 16, 2013 K. Batmanghelich was Chen Immigration’s client


user J. Iqbal
Post-doctoral Associate at Iowa State University
“Thanks very much for your effort. You made this approval possible. I appreciate your help and support. Thanks.”
Oct 10, 2013, J. Iqbal was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user C. Carvalhaes
Physical Science Research Associate at Stanford University
“I’m very happy for this great news right on the beginning of the day. I’m so surprised that it came out much sooner than I was expecting.
Congratulations for your great job! I will recommend your outstanding services on my Linkedin account.
Thanks a lot and cheers from a sunny California.”
Oct 10, 2013, C. Carvalhaes was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user P.White
Business Development and Commercial Manager at Oil and Gas Consulting
“From our first communications through to confirmation that my EB1-A and NIW had been approved, [Chen Immigration Law Associates] were nothing but outstanding – in terms of the final product, ongoing communications, the development of my case, and also with the integrity that they applied to my circumstances / the uncertainties around them, and the innovative and well constructed preparation of the ultimate petition. My gratitude for Chen Immigration Law Associates is immense… literally, I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank You.”
October 6, 2013, P. White was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user E. Zoubareva
Opera singer and Voice expert
“I can’t speak highly enough about [Chen Immigration Law Associates], and not only because they helped me to obtain approval for my EB2 NIW petition, in some record 40 days (!), but also because they made the usually stressful and confusing process of preparation the petition as stress-free as possible. Highly professional, punctual, creative, the entire Chen Immigration team exudes contagious confidence and produces amazing results. I have the highest regard and admiration for this law firm and recommend them to anyone wishing to apply for any immigrant or non-immigrant status.
Thank you, [Chen Immigration Law Associates], for everything you have done for my case. It has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you. I greatly appreciate your professionalism, expertise, creativity and… patience with my constant soprano’s lateness :-)”
Oct 02, 2013, E. Zoubareva was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user Y. S. Park
Senior Scientist at Samsung SDI
“ I was lucky to have [Chen Immigration Law Associates]for my case. They took care of my petition for EB2-NIW, and my petition was successfully approved. The experience that I had with [Chen Immigration Law Associates] was great. They are truly professional and precise for their job. They are one of the best in their field of endeavor. They worked efficiently and confidently throughout the process, and have never delayed anything. Their responses to every singe of my questions are prompt and helpful, and I was completely satisfied with their service. Their preparation of cover letter, drafted letters of recommendation and other supporting documents was perfect. I recognized their passion and commitment to clients while counting on them. I also would thank [Chen Immigration Attorney] for preparing the RFE response package. I am proud of [Chen Immigration Law Associates], and strongly recommend them to people who apply for permanent residency in US. Thank you so much for the great job! ”
October 2, 2013 Y. S. Park was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user S. Bali
“Many thanks to all of you for the hard work put in for my application. I am most sincerely grateful for the same and would be ever indebted to you for your kind help and guidance.”
Oct 02, 2013, S. Bali was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)