National Interest Waiver Testimonial 2013.09

user K. Lee
Post-doctoral Researcher at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
“Thanks for your help on my I-140 petition! Without your assistance, it cannot be approved. Again, I express my sincere gratitude to you and your group members.”
Sep 30, 2013, K. Lee was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user J. Du
Quantitative Finance Analyst at Bank of America
“Great news. I have just received the I-140 approval notice from USCIS. Thank you so much for handling everything nicely. I truly appreciate your excellent work.”
Sep 29, 2013, J. Du was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user S. Dacha
Gastroenterology and Hepatology House staff at Emory University School of Medicine
“ [Chen Immigration Law Associates]do a great job for NIW, especially for physicians, I will recommend them. They have an in depth understanding on representing physician cases for successful case approval. They help building up profile and give realistic expectations. Overall really impressed and satisfied with the service.”
September 29, 2013, S. Dacha was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user H. Karbasforoushan
American MENSA member
“WONDERFUL! You just did a great job for my petition with best emphasizing my qualifications! I don’t think there was anybody else who could present my case better than you. Thanks a lot for all your help. I will highly recommend you to my friends and whoever needs help with filing EB2 NIW, and wish you best of luck in your future endeavors. I have no doubt that you will continue succeeding in your career, since you are really knowledgeable and expert in your field, and have a good work ethic. I greatly enjoyed working with you.”
Sep 25, 2013, H. Karbasforoushan was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user P. Singh
Senior Clinical Fellow at Mayo Clinic
“Great News indeed – thank you !! Approved in 5 weeks – that was much quicker than I thought. It would not have been possible without [Chen Immigration Law Associates]’s professional help. I must say that it has been a pleasure working with you so far.”
Sep 20, 2013, P. Singh was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user S. Daneshgar
Postdoctoral Researcher at University of California Santa Barbara
“Dear [Chen Immigration Law Associates] , Many thanks for all your help during the past one year time. It was a great news for me and my wife. We surprised for such a short time decision compare to my friends cases. We appreciate all your help. I always recommend to anybody who ask me for I-140 application about you. “
Sep 19, 2013, S. Daneshgar was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user S.Eslami
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University
“Thanks [Chen Immigration Law Associates] on helping my case to be approved. This has been really great news for me today! Actually, I have already recommended you to all of my friends … and I will keep recommending you to my other friends. The fact is when I was talking to my friends, we were always referring to a good lawyer and that good lawyer was you. We all have heard your name around the US and recommend to each other. I do believe you are already established with a very good reputation and may not need my endorsement. But I will go ahead and will recommend you to all Hopkins and people I know and who are going to start this process. May you have more energy and clients and get more good results out of your work! Now I have great confidence on your ability to help. Very discipline and punctual in your job. I am very satisfied with everything you have done in support of my case. Thank you very much!”
Sep 19, 2013 , S.Eslami was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user A. Singh
Assistant Professor at Mayo Clinic
“Dear [Chen Immigration Law Associates] , Thank you so much for all your help through the process, I really appreciate it. I have had an excellent experience working with your firm. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and have done so quite a few times already.”
Sep 17, 2013, A. Singh was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user S. Karbasi
Graduate research assistant at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“Thank you very much for the great news and all your help! It was a great experience working with you. I definitely recommend you to my friends as I did in past couple of months. Thank you very much again for all the work!!!”
Sep 12, 2013, S. Karbasi was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user P.K.Guru
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine-Nephrology Fellow
“Thanks a lot for [Chen Immigration Law Associates]’s help.It came to me as a surprise. I am thanking you and your team from core my heart for success of my National Interest Waiver applications. I will definitely recommend others for your firm.”
Sep 07, 2013, P.K.Guru was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user A.Nayak
PhD in Irrigation Engineering (Hydrology)
“ I contacted [Chen Immigration Attorneys] for free evaluation in late June, 2013, and after evaluating my case they advised me to apply in EB1B category with their guarantee. I have previously applied in December 2010 in EB1A category which was denied. I felt confident about their abilities and the knowledge of the immigration laws. After retaining their services, they moved efficiently on my case, providing valuable inputs on collecting recommendation letters, providing first draft of the recommendation letter, other evidences. With their help I was quickly able to collect all the required documents and my case was submitted to the USCIS in about 1.5 months and I received approval on my petition in 13 days with premium processing service. The way [Chen Immigration Attorneys] handled my case, is a testimony of their deep understanding of immigration law and processes. I have already talked about their services to a few of my friends who may retain their law group for their cases. I would recommend their law group to any individual seeking immigration benefits for the EB1 or EB2-NIW category or infect for any immigration benefits. “
Sep 05, 2013, A. Nayak was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user H. Masui
”That was a good news, I was glad to hear. You guys did a really good job on my application, including pre-contract discussions. I actually liked your very “non-organic” processes once the preparation started.”
Sep 04, 2013, H. Masui was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)


user H. Hristova
Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Washington
“I used the services of [Chen Immigration Law Associates] for a NIW petition. I did not know personally any former clients but I could not be happier with my decision to choose [Chen Immigration Law Associates]to represent me.Everybody at [Chen Immigration Law Associates] was very professional. They provided good advice and guidance along the way which is very helpful and reassuring in this complex process. They replied promptly to all my questions. They have a clear timetable for completing the different tasks to which they adhere, which made the whole process flow smoothly and transparently. I am very satisfied with the quality of the provided service. I will definitely recommend [Chen Immigration Law Associates]to friends and colleagues.”
Sep 04, 2013, H. Hristova was Chen Immigration’s client (From Email Conversation)