National Interest Waiver Testimonial 2013.07

user O. Savchyn
Senior Systems Test Engineer
“I was a client of Chen Immigration Law Associates and with their help I received my Green Card. I really enjoyed working with the firm. Particularly, I was impressed with their professionalism and the promptness in responding to my questions. They prepared my case very quickly and the case was successfully approved. Chen Immigration Law Associates are doing an amazing job and I definitely recommend this firm.“
July 30, 2013, O. Savchyn was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user A.Nabi
Postdoctoral Scholar at Penn State Center for Neural Engineering
“Chen Immigration Law Associates is very professional, on-time, fast, and efficient. I highly recommend them for any one dealing with immigration issues. They know what they’re doing and they don’t waste time. They are attentive and right on. And, they have very competitive prices and they work with their client regarding attorney fees. Again, very highly recommended.“
July 28, 2013, Ali was Chen Immigration’s client(from LinkedIn)


user A.Pandya, PhD
Research Scientist with experitse in Cell and Molecular Biology
“Highly recommended for immigration matters! Chen Immigration Law associates are expert, creative, personable, on time, reliable and easy to reach.They got my case ( EB2-NIW) approved in two weeks.“
July 24, 2013, A. Pandya was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user C. Jhun
Assistant Professor at Penn State University College of Medicine
“Chen Immigration is extremely efficient and easy-to-reach. Their quality service is unbeatable in terms of their expertise, client service, time-management, integrity, and compassion. Simply Two Thumbs Up!“
July 15, 2013, C. Jhun was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user M. Hajihashemi
“I hired Chen Immigration Law associates for my EB2-NIW petition. They are fast and very professional. My petition was approved in less than a month. I highly recommend them for immigration issues.“
July 15, 2013, M. Hajihashemi was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user Mechanical Engineer in the field of Engineering Management
“I would to thank you for the support you provided for the approval of my National Interest Waiver application. I must commend you for your professional support, valuable advice and timely direction. I believe that [Chen Immigration Law Associates’] intricate understanding of the many modalities associated with the application process was instrumental in getting a swift approval. Additionally, I must mention the response time was exceptional. In many instances I had an actionable response in less than 1 hour. I would recommend Chen Law Firm to anyone who is considering EB2 NIW or EB1.“
July 12, 2013 Chen Immigration’s client


user PhD in Wireless Engineering and Works as Sr. Systems Engineer at CommScope Inc.
“I highly recommend working with [Chen Immigration] for your EB2-NIW because they are the right people to do the job. At the beginning I was hesitant to work with any lawyer firm thinking I would be able to prepare the paper work myself, but do to time constraints I decided to do my search until I found about Chen Immigration. When I got the first draft letters and later the petition letter I realized how much work and preparation they do to write up the letters and make it look very professional. In addition to that, they provide constant support and consultation and flexible about the payment options. I would like to thank them for their help since I got my Approval notifications in just 6 weeks.“
July 12, 2013 Chen Immigration’s client


user T. Wu
Operations Research Scientist at Apollo Group
“I retained [Attorney at Chen Immigration] as my attorney for my EB1 petition in April, 2013. Her professionalism and work attitudes IMMIDIATELY impressed me and I knew she must be a RIGHT attorney for my petition. The two months’ work experience with her just turned out to be PERFECT. She ALWAYS responds my questions with a professional answer within 2-4 business hours, the letters she drafted for me are so great and far beyond the quality I could expect. MOST IMPORTANTLY, after submission, my case was approved within three business days by the USCIS. I truly appreciate [Attorney at Chen Immigration]’s help. She is a great attorney I would highly recommend for your EB1 and NIW petition.“
July 10, 2013, T. Wu was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user D. Leyva
Life Sciences Researcher
“I highly recommend the services of Chen Immigration for EB2-NIW cases. Everything was done in a timely manner, the recommendation letter drafts were excellent and the overall petition package was very well put together. Had excellent results as the petition was approved in less than 2 months.“
July 1, 2013, D. Leyva was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)