National Interest Waiver Testimonial 2012

user J. Hantash, MSc MBA
Director of Operations – Immunochemistry at PharmaNet/i3
“Turning an impossible case to DONE! Is what I can say about [Chen immigration Group]. They got my NIW approved. They listened to the situation, did not shy away from the challenge and worked with the data to provide a solid case and argument to have my impossible NIW become DONE. I have received my NIW approval on December 11th, 2012 which is 12 months after filling. The Request for additional evidence was carried out with the utmost accuracy and efficiency to satisfy the requirement. It was a pleasure working with [Chen Immigration Group] on my NIW and I would recommend them to anyone who want their case to go on smoothly.“
December 19, 2012, J. Hantash was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user R. Chakrabarty
Assistant Research Professor
“[Chen Immigration Group] exceeded my expectations when it came to preparing my EB1-A petition case. From day one, she guided me in a detailed and well-organized manner with all the ingredients needed for a successful petition. She drafted nine excellent letters for external experts in my field of research and a 30-page long petition letter among other things. Their punctual and efficient services saved a lot of my time and energy, and gave me peace of mind. All in all, [Chen Immigration Group]’s incredible services made me have an approved petition in hand within four months of hiring them. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone looking for a lawyer to handle his/her EB1/NIW case.
Keep up the good work!!“
December 9, 2012, R. Chakrabarty was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user W. Wahala
Accomplished molecular virologist with strong problem solving, troubleshooting, training and mentoring skills
“After consulting with a couple of attorneys, I decided to go with [Chen Immigration Group] for my EB2-NIW application. [Chen Immigration] worked with a great professionalism with me from the beginning to the end. They drafted letters within a week for me as promised in the attorney-client retainer agreement and never delayed anything throughout the whole process. We went back and forth a couple of times until both parties agreed. With [Chen Immigration Group], you will get everything done within 5 months. I am so glad I selected them as my attorney and It took only 5 months and 10 days to get my NIW petition approved from the date I signed the retainer agreement with them. Unless one of my recommendation/reference letters got delayed, it could have been only 4 months for the whole process.“
December 3, 2012, W. Wahala was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user H. Huang
Research Fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
“[The Attorneys of Chen Immigration] are very trustful and professional for my NIW and justment of status overall. They can make a best approach for you to fit the needs you have. they were also very responsible and kind when I had some questions need to ask. Furthermore, unlike other immigration offices in the states, with pretty reasonable price, they can guarantee your case if you are qualified, so I am very satisfied with their service, and I will absolutely recommend her for anyone who needs immigration-related advice or service.“
November 27, 2012, H. Huang was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user D. Bajaj
NASA-NSBRI Postdoctoral Fellow, New Jersey Medical School
“[Chen Immigration Group] helped me successfully file my EB1A petition for US Permanent Residence. They are excellent immigration attorneys who work in a creative and innovative manner to construct strong immigration petition. They worked diligently on my case and highlighted my skills and strengths. In addition, they were also honest in pointing out weaknesses in my case and constructed strategies to overcome them. Their attention to details is impeccable. They reviewed my case and included every bit of evidence that strengthen my petition. They are easily reachable and answers all your queries within 24 hrs. I had a great experience working with them on my green card application and I highly recommend them for EB1 and NIW petitions.“
November 15, 2012, D. Bajaj was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)

user C. Huang
Programming Analyst
“[Chen Immigration Group] is really knowledgeable and professional for NIW and other immigration issues. She was very prompt and responsive when working with me. Overall, I am very satisfied with their service, and I recommend them for any people who need immigration-related advice.“
November 15, 2012, C. Huang was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user F. Low
Materials/Organometallic Chemist at Texas Tech University
“[Chen Immigration Group] worked on my EB-2 NIW application from start to end with all the professionalism and diligence you expect for these cases. My petition got approved a little over 4 months without any inquiries. When I look back and see all the work they put on the application, I just can’t imagine I would have been approved so flawlessly without their expertise and knowledge. Considering the importance of these applications, and the way they handle and communicate with you, I believe their fees are worth every penny (that without considering their fees are the lowest comparing to others I researched).
I obviously recommend [the attorneys of Chen Immigration] to anybody seeking for immigration services. Please do not hesitate to contact them for a free-case evaluation.“
November 10, 2012, F. Low was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user D. SARKAR
Post doctoral associate at University of Florida, college of medicine, Department of Pediatrics
“[The team at Chen Immigration] are very honest people and masters in their field. They got my NIW approved. Their writing is very professional and efficient. Their pay is very reasonable and the value for the service they provide is great. They are very genuine, humble and polite and working with them was very very pleasant. Both me and my husband are very happy with them and highly recommend them for immigration cases. If you chose [Chen Immigration] you will never regret. They are helpful from start to end and maintain a very good rapport with the clients. In short, they are brilliant, honest and great Lawyers to work with.“
September 1, 2012, D. SARKAR was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


user Dear [Chen Immigration Group],
“It was great to receive notification of the approval of my NIW. Thank you so much for your efficient work, I was very impressed with how you handled my case. Timing was important to us and we definitely appreciated your prompt yet thorough responses to my queries and how efficiently you prepared the materials for my petition. I have referred a friend to you and will continue refer friends, family and colleagues to you. It was a pleasure working with you.
K. Smith, PhD“
July 25, 2012. K. Smith was Chen Immigration’s client (through email communication with client)


user Y. Liu
Postdoc at LANL
“It is really nice to have [Chen Immigration Group] taking care of my petition of EB2-NIW. The petition is approved 3 months after it was submitted. Based on my situation, they provided their expertise and helped me figure out the best strategy for my case. It is also pleasant to work with them since they are always kind and prompt in answering my concern and questions. I highly recommend them as immigration lawyers.“
July 13, 2012, Y. Liu was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)


userJ. Bavarva
Geneticist (Research faculty) at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
“I am glad that I got help from [Chen Immigration Group] for EB2-NIW. I already worked on my case preparation but don’t want take risk so I contacted [Chen Immigration]. They investigated my c.v. and agree to take my case. I sent them everything I prepared. They fine tuned it. I was surprised to find things that I could have made wrong. They really made my petition very very strong and clear. I am so glad for their help.
My case got approved in 85 days that is probably fastest for NIW and without RFE or any trouble. They added so much more legal things to my case that I could have never added and could have invited RFE.
All in all. They are great experienced attorneys. Very responsive, Fast and Accurate. I highly recommend [Chen immigration Group] for your such needs.“
June 20, 2012, J. Bavarva was Chen Immigration’s client (from LinkedIn)