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Reference Letters For EB1: Highlight Achievements to Make the Case Stronger

There is a different immigration process for people who have achieved special status in different fields. These individuals have done something remarkable in their field of specialization. They’ve received numerous awards, both at national and international level. When one such individual decides to shift the base to United States of America, then he or she would be given preference given the kind of contribution they’ve made. The U.S Congress and U. S Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) Read more […]

What is National Interest Waiver?

EB-2 is an immigrant visa category for employment based permanent residence in the United States of America. Introduced in the Immigration Act of 1990, this visa is usually offered to professionals holding advanced degrees or those of exceptional ability, who will benefit the national economy or welfare of the United States. Under normal circumstances, a labour certification is required for an EB-2 visa however, in the case of a National Interest Waiver (NIW) the labour certification is not needed, Read more […]

What is National Interest

In the case of a second preference employment-based submission, it is expected that you need to show evidence of potential employment and a work permit, although a foreigner can apply for a waiver of the employment offer, if he can prove that his permanent residence would be beneficial to the nation

Permanent Residence in the USA

An alien individual in the United States can apply for a Green Card or a permanent resident status and then establish that his or her being admitted for permanent residence would help the nation and would be in the country’s interest, thereby seeking a waiver of employment offer. Any rule or standard of the statutory kind is absent regarding what might qualify a particular alien for what is known as a National Interest Waiver (NIW). Every case is considered by the USCIS separately. The process Read more […]

Green Card applications through NIW

Recently, procuring a green card, dependant on an application for a National Interest Waiver has increasingly become tougher. But, in certain situations, it is even now, an alternative that could be thought about, as a method of procuring a green card, minus the trouble of navigating the long and terribly uncertain and tentative process of application for certification of labour. For someone to pass qualifications for a green card, dependant on a NIW, certain criteria need to be followed. For Read more […]